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Minimonde is an independent publishing company founded three years ago in the Latin Quarter of Paris. The author, a haute couture fashion designer, imagined a character by the name of Imperatice Plum to narrate a collection of illustrated fashion books for children.


Our first book, “Dresses For A Little Princess: The History Of French Fashion”, was published in 2009 and tells an illustrated story of fashion through the eyes of princesses from prehistoric to present day. It has sold more than 10,000 copies worldwide in both French and English.


In 2011 we created a book for boys titled “Princes And Adventurers: Their Costumes Throughout The Ages”. An illustrated history of the uniforms of great pharaohs, ancient warriors, barbarians, knights, pirates, emperors and superheros. This book was printed in both French and English and has been a great success.


We expanded our collection in 2012 with a French/English bilingual coloring book. A hands on book that allows children to create dresses by period and trend with fabric swatches and paintings as inspiration.




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